The Frontier: Bugmen that Deserve the Rock

As it turns out, giving garbage interviews to cryptoheeb bugmen dirt sheets can be quite an exhilarating experience. Especially when they blame you for something you didn’t do and then give your information to antifa and large news outlets.
So there was a postering event that happened in my city of Tulsa. This postering event was done in the most hipster/swpl/bugman part of town called Cherry Street. This is where B.O. and Patchouli meet each other to form a scent that if bottled and sold as cologne, would be called “Soy Boy, the essence of cuckoldry”. Who would be the patrons of such a vile scent? None other than the staff at the publication called The Frontier.

The Frontier is a failing leftist toilet paper print that does nothing more than try to fundraise for itself and fails hard.

I literally make more money per day than these fucks could make in a month. It just goes to show that advocacy for leftist commie beliefs are not only worthless, but also meaningless. This is why when the anti-white advocate calling himself “Dylan Goforth” called my personal cell phone number, I basically just shit on him and his Lügenpresse-tier rumor mill for upwards of 45 minutes. This is one guy I would love to smash in the head with a large rock. Maybe one shaped into a large black penis so he knows that the BBC he sucks daily actually will end his life.

Here are some of the highlights of the call.

DG: So I am calling about a postering that happened on Cherry Street.
Me: Ok, why are you calling me?
DG: Because we are wanting to see if you would be willing to give an interview.
Me: Why?
DG: Well, you are a prominent white supremacist figure here in Tulsa.
Me: Really? But what does this event have anything to do with me?
DG: You claimed responsibility for it..
Me: No I didn’t.
DG: You said in a public post, “I don’t get why you don’t like black people, Cody”
Me: And there was also a story underneath that quote that showed the overwhelming violence of black people killing whites in staggering numbers. Once again, I ask you, where did I ever claim responsibility for postering Cherry Street?
DG: Uhh, well, you have made a number of posts on Facebook and Twitter….
Me: So? What evidence do you have tying me to this event?

It is shit like that that went on for about 15 minutes. Trying to bait me into a confession for something I took no part in. On top of that, he started the call literally by admitting to socially engineering a front-desk rep at the business office where my business is.

Me: Where did you get this number?
DG: From the receptionist.
Me: How?
DG: I told them I was looking for you…
Me: Really? Just a sec *puts on mute*,
I go talk to the front desk receptionist, who says that he said he was a customer and needed to speak with me.
*unmutes* So you socially engineered a receptionist to get private information of someone you are trying to entrap in something they had nothing to do with because you have no other white person to pin it on?
DG: Uhh….no.
Me: Uhh, yeah. That is what you did. Now, on top of filing police report for stalking, I now have to change my personal phone number and I also have to get a restraining order against you and your publication.

From there, the conversation devolved into him trying to shit talk me and get me to admit to being a neo-nazi.

Either way, several days passed and my face and my family ended up not only in antifa Facebook pages, but also on 3 different local TV news programs. Luckily, the people responsible took ownership of it and the news outlets were forced to retract info about me. Either way, Antifa still thinks I am Oklahoma’s #1 Nazi because of this shitbag cryptokike Dylan Goforth(No relation to the mma fighter btw).

I would not be posting this article if Dylan would have just not brought my family into this.
You fucked up when you posted this:

So much for your garbage narrative huh? A nice clean cut white guy, with a smiling wife and 3 kids that are happy and healthy. OOOOOO HOW FUCKING SCARY AND EVIL.
Your bullshit narratives fail you. Which is why if you read in the comments section of anything anti-white you post, it is overwhelmingly anti-Frontier and how the writers are essentially just kowtowing to Jewish rhetoric for some virtue signalling points. Every word they type is vapid and hollow. Meaningless drivel meant to concern troll it’s own reader-base with hobnobbery and flim-flam. Most of their garbage chute articles contain content specifically made to gaslight leftists into disarming themselves to give blax a reason to attack them or to lambast effective local leaders because they said a word incorrectly in a speech.

I can only guess what will happen when I post this article so I will sum up their response in 5 words:


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