Facebook is the internet’s ghetto

After about 6 years of wasting time on social networking sites and having retarded anxiety over what kind of social presence I would have, I have decided to cut my losses and save my sanity.

I cut the cord.

Sure, I have never been one to use my personal info online because, well, my opinions online don’t exactly reflect the way I feel in real life. I lead two separate lives, which most people nowadays wont ever understand. Those of us that grew to watch the internet be built found solace in the fact that we could be whoever and whatever we wanted to be online and not have to worry about lines of communication being shut down because we didn’t give a BBS our real name.

Facebook literally is the ghetto of the internet. Not because of its supposed 2 billion(this number is inflated by fake accounts and bots) denizens, but because of the way we are supposed to feel about using it and nothing else. Just like being stuck in the ghetto, you are told that there is nothing else you can do, nowhere you can go because they demean and demoralize you by shoving it in your face about how big they are and how important being there is.

While you blather on and on about nonsense that doesn’t matter inside of a corporate owned Skinner Box / Echo Chamber, places like Facebook, Twitter and the like do nothing but stifle invention by demoralizing you. Don’t get lured into this false sense of individualism, because on sites like Facebook, it isn’t there. You are a shill.

Don’t think I forgot about you, Reddit. The community that is Reddit is mostly comprised of homogenized, soy fed, panty-waisted ¬†moonbat neckbeards.

Reddit Yearbook 2015
Reddit Yearbook 2015

These smelly inbred cuckolds will stop at nothing to signal that they are whiteknights who will downvote your meaningless content until you get shadow-banned by moderators for even thinking that you have freedom of speech online. I honestly hope that Conde Nast sells Reddit to some Japanese expat like Moot did with 4chan.

These sites are what breed contempt in the heart of real men and women. Don’t fall for the scheme. Don’t be a shill to corporate media wanting to segregate you from the rest of society. The greatest ideas came from open media and open forums.

Being popular on Facebook is like sitting at the cool kids table in a cafeteria in a mental hospital.

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