My Generation Sucks: The Dildocratic Technocracy

Do you like video games? I like video games. I like most video games, especially the ones that make things go splat. I even like simulator games and space games and RPGs.
Do you like technology? I like technology. I like cell phones, virtual reality, computers, multi-effect instrument pedals and a lot more.
I don’t like you faggots ruining these things for me.
Technology and progressive ideals have always had a hand-in-hand relationship. Especially here in America. If you make something innovative, you essentially have to cater to the hipster youth and show how hip and cool your product is. Progressive behavior is regressive behavior and it should take no part in the way technology is created.
Just because you let you non-binary gender-fluid urethrakin shove cheerios in your ass while you watch Anita Sarkeesian videos does not mean you are innovative.
It also does not mean that you should be able to decide if a person is able to work for a company either.

It seems that a lot of startup companies are moving away from Venture Capital and toward these stupid and idiotic pay models that allow these degenerate whistlefart pencilnecks to evade taxes to “fund” their company or “research”. This research consists of sitting in their friends basement, taking bong rips and streaming on Twitch at 2am. You are essentially funding their weed habit. This is the kind of toxic shit that needs to be removed from tech. Dildolech rent seeking and e-begging are the bane of my tech existence right now. I see no actual technological progress to help society better itself. The last thing we really had to help us got stolen and the patents were ripped off by a bunch of XioYang Chinese companies.

All to well do I know how hard it is to get a good paying and stable job in tech. Now it is even harder because it is populated by shitty low-agency shitlibs that seek to ruin any chance you have to make anything of yourself. Take for example this piece of shit:
This person was NOT an employee, an unpaid intern, tried to change company policy and got pissed when the management pushed back. The employees, let alone the interns DO NOT impact or control company policy. There was literally nothing wrong with what was done with the interns. Dress code is there for a reason. And that reason is simple, nobody cares about you or your image. They care about the company’s image.

Getting to the point. Millennials in the tech industry suck. They are influenced by being offended and all they want to do is parade their insecure bullshit around and force everyone to take it. And as far as generating products and new tech, fuck that. Instead, they just take something that was already there, and change the interface and say they have “reintegrated top-down interface changes to a new responsive something something dildotech”. Shitlib Millennials are not inventive, they offer absolutely no substance to any field or anything at all and to be honest, do not deserve the ability to access resources that would otherwise be used to make something original.

Companies hire shitlennials simply because of a piece of paper and seem to think that just because they are a “fresh face” that they will actually contribute something to the company or to society. This simply isn’t the case. All these faggots want to do is get a free paycheck and browse Facebook/Reddit/Salon/Huffo/Jezebel all day.

These faggots at Slate prove my point.

Get the dildo out of technology and you will actually improve things. Rip these shitlibs away from Social Media and teach them what it really means to earn a living wage.


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