My Generation Sucks: The Nanny State

If you let your kids outside without a leash and a video camera Facebooking every second of the experience, you deserve to get your kids taken away from you.

Not really, but I am sick and tired of the nanny state that our generation has propped up and promoted to allow the destruction of the nuclear family. What happened to a child’s self discovery?
What happened to letting your kids out of the house and giving them a somewhat wide berth to toughen up and create meaningful relationships with other children?
Those days are long gone, thanks to this generation of over sighted dimwits and overly concerned mothers with control issues.

I hate taking my daughter to the public park. Not because I am lazy, but because I hate the fact that everything has rounded edges and everything is “safe”. There are no more jungle gyms, no more metal slides, no more obstacles. Everything is nice and soft and smooth. We wonder why our kids are emasculated and cry about a fucking scratch. What did our parents do when we scrapped our knees? They dumped peroxide on the shit and made us go back outside. Not anymore. You better take your little shitbag to the E.R. for a scrape on the knee because he might get typhoid or lockjaw.

I once had an overly concerned SWPL mother come over and tell me that I need to watch my children closer because they were climbing. Looking at this latte drinking suffragette only made me despise my current generation even more. Turtleneck and child-on-a-leash in tow, this soy statue of tubgirl-esque degeneracy proceeded to make her “life partner” attempt to call the police because I was “abusing” my child. The police never showed up and judging from the grimacing look on the face of the happy couple, it seems that they got told by the police to go fornicate themselves.

I want to be able to teach my children how to grow up to be independent and to be strong. My generation is loathsome, fearful, effeminate and dependent. We need to cut the umbilical cord of the nanny state. We are truly living in a gilded cage we built ourselves. Mothers today do not deserve their children and the children deserve much better than what they have. They deserve discipline, a strong father and a caring mother. True parental roles do not incorporate keeping your children on a leash. We wonder why there is such an obesity problem in the U.S.; Look at how the parents treat the children. They stuff them full of bullshit food, don’t allow them to play unless they are heavily supervised and they use video games as a baby sitter.

It’s not just the parents fault, look at the Department of Human Services or Child Protective Services. Being alt-right myself, I understand there is a need for government, but not as far reaching as DHS/CPS. They enforce a standard of living that corrupts children and causes progressive nonsense to leak into the souls of the strong willed. Do not be fooled, DHS/CPS are NOT a friend to the Alt-Right. They steal children from good homes and place them to the highest bidder. They allow sicko degenerate fucks to masturbate to child porn in front of their kids and call it “progressive”.

If you want more horrific instances of the nanny state, visit
They have some good shit that will rustle all your jimmies in one fell swoop.

We need a proper solution to the nanny state problem. Let your kids out. Let them play. And when the SWPL fucks come calling, answer with middle finger and swift jackboot.
Don’t fail your children.

Now get the hell off my lawn, you overly concerned dumpster fire.

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