My Generation Sucks: Jihad Apologists

Every generation has a defining statement about them.
Baby Boomers had “ME ME ME, FUCK YOU”
GenX had Crystal Pepsi
What do we get as an accomplishment or a defining statement?


This truly is what we have been lead to believe. That we should just roll over and let our women get fucked by brown skin foreigners and our children be splayed on the pavement. For what? False altruism and morality signalling that gets you nothing. I was planning on writing a lot about this. Possibly talking about how I had high hopes for my generation and how they are turning themselves around. I made a big mistake thinking that the secondary Boomer generation was anything more than selfish crybabies with an entitlement complex. Calling you faggot shitlibs the secondary Boomer generation is too generous. What you are is a means to an end. A hopeless whisper in the age of man. You along with all your coward friends and family will die and your name will never be echoed through history. Nobody will remember you. This is because you are weak and insignificant. You mean nothing to those around you and you should die lonely and afraid as a brown man in a robe slits your throat from behind after he rapes your child in front of you.

For those of us in the alt-right, this should be a sign that we are not supposed to be what everyone wants us to be. Be rude, be vile, be the caricature of Hitler. Do everything possible to piss everyone off around you, even your friends and family. All you have left is comedy. You have nothing left around you, no one. Not even the shitty kids you spawned that have taken up the mantle based on a false truth you have told just to make sure your kids are protected from someone that might  come and take them from you. The time for cryptofascism is over. We must take back what is ours. We must act in the best interest of what we really want for our country, our people and our way of life.

The weak have settled to prey upon the strong behind rhetoric and classless accusations of meaningless terminology. These weak have become the strong. You must fight back against them.
They have enabled a people to come across open water to annihilate European and Pan-European culture. White culture. We cannot let this continue. One attack after another, one false claim of “NOT ALL MUSLIMS”. I am sick and tired of reading this. All Muslims are filth and do not deserve to walk on the same soil as Europeans. Their existence in our land is a scourge and a plague. The longer we continue to allow them to overtake us, the weaker we will be.

The longer we allow a weak force of insignificant faggots to run our government and tell us who to let over our border, the more we are cucked. For all of you who say things like “I don’t support violence.”, Maybe you should. Maybe instead of complaining about the black pill of shit life, maybe you can push for some resistance and fight back against the bullshit.
I am tired of dealing with these invaders and hearing about Europe getting attacked over and over. This was the plan all along. Fuck you, fuck this generation of hypocrite faggots and fuck the brown skin invaders that ruin everything they touch. You don’t deserve to exist.

Get off my fucking lawn

  • Geoff

    Great piece. Good site. Keep up the good work and HAIL VICTORY.
    I will spread the word about your site wherever I can.

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