• I am not a spammer but I want to get in contact with

    you, owner.
    TL;DR I am from Encyclopedia Dramatica (i made the page on evalion, someone linked to your archive of her vids)

    What I want-

    Walt Bismarck is this dude who makes awesome dubs of disney musicals altered to a alt-right tune (similar to evalion’s ideology) and he will likely be shut down by these filthy fucking kikes.

    So I’m asking you to archive his videos (get in contact with him first, over it, if you’re interested in my idea)

    I might write a page for him on ED in case he gets v&. the way these filthy kikes are going, they’ll prob shut him down. His vids are way too great to be killed! Save teh intarwebz s-senpai.

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