My Generation Sucks: Apathetic Politik

Have you ever said “Your vote doesn’t count so why try?” or “I should run for President.”? If so, then you are a dunce and should walk around with a traffic cone on your head while running in traffic.
Hey, I have nothing against being apathetic. When it comes to civilization in general, I don’t see the glass half empty or half full…I see one man, one jar. When you start being apathetic toward political movements though, I have to say that I tend to get pissed pretty easily. This happens quite often when I am trying to have a semi-intelligent conversation at a Standard Lan Party or some such event that I invite my fellow neo-intellectuals. There is typically the dumbass that doesn’t really have anything to offer except some off-the-cuff remark about how the world would be much better with Anarchy. Secretly I wish for anarchy, that way when the country is fully lawless, I can shove you in the trunk of my neighbor’s car and dump it in the river.

Now before I really get started, let me just say that I do not subscribe to standard politics. I don’t trust or believe in the 2 party systems that have been constructed from Post-Roman Democratic Society. I do believe that anyone willing to go far enough in politics can have a drastic impact on society. Instead, most of the country has become apathetic to politics. Mainly because they understand subconsciously that it is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

Onto the horrid rant that is politics. Since I posted my first “MGS” rant over at the TRS Forums, a commentor stated that he tried to do political blogging but immediately became overwhelmed with the heap of bullshit that is politics in general. My response to this individual was going to be “Don’t make a mountain out of a Capitol Hill.” but let’s be honest, U.S. Politics are some of the hardest to wrap your head around, at least for the latest 2 generations of cum swapping potatoes.

Our generation was able to sum up our political system in 3 words: Judicial, Legislative and Executive. Now its become committees for committees and “middle of the aisle” nonsense. This is where my generation truly sucks. Because of all the ridiculous changes in the Senate and Supreme Court and even the Executive branch (Barry Soetoro) going around the senate and house to put measures in place without authorization. References are at the bottom of the article. No tinfoil here, bros.

Typical Hipster Democrat Voter aka Dildo
Typical Hipster Democrat Voter aka Dildo

Back on topic. Walking about in my downtown metropolis, listening to dildo coffeeshop talk, it seems that the hipsters are up in arms that their gracious Dildocracy is failing beyond words and they want to start a Dildo Revolution. Some weird mix between Communism, Neo-Anarchy and Reverse-Fascism. I hate hipsters and their degenerate beta faggotry so I tend to mess with them publicly while shop owners watch them flip shit and blame it on me. It’s not my fault that dildos don’t know what a logical fallacy is. It actually is beyond me that trolling people IRL is actually still possible.

It’s not my fault that I am non-apathetic when it comes to politics local and national. Obviously, I have a larger stake in my local politics but even that is becoming a problem as my fellow Millennials care more about double-fisting the latest craft beer instead of the parking scam that is taking place in my city by the actual City Counsel. I care about politics because every action that takes place within my neighborhood, my city, state and country is representative of those that are chosen(OY VEY) to represent the masses. This includes the string of dildo factories[Starbucks] in my metro area.

I would love to see more 30-somethings actually stand up for something good for once instead of begging for GIBSMEDAT and MUH SOCIAL REFORM.  I don’t give a fuck that baby boomers fucked up the economy. I care that my generation does nothing but blame people for shit that could of easily been resolved by putting a bullet in the brain of every piece of garbage that came over the border after 1987. Instead we are weak, fragile and too involved in our own narcissism to actually care about offering intelligent solutions to our political faltering.


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