My Generation Sucks: Mentally Ill SJW Faggots

If I have learned one thing about being a millennial on the internet, it is that being around others in my generation fucking suck. Especially shitlibs…fuck you.

You faggot queer shitlibs who enjoy larping as the opposite gender and signalling to everyone like a faggot peacock that you are prepped for the bull need to fucking kill yourselves.
The games are over, you lost. Trunglr jumped the shark at least 2 years ago when they scammed their userbase at Dashcon. You dumb pieces of human filth literally have planted your emaciated heroin addled cock saddles on the slippery slope and are on such a decline that if you go any lower, the slope would eventually no longer be the moral asymptote that you crave. Instead, it is a means to signal to the alt-right that you are just another body in the pile.

Here is an Example of this filth. KILL IT WITH FIRE

We as a society(the true society of morality and true social conforming norms) will not allow you to corrupt further generations by calling your behavior and your kiddie dress up games progressive. The only progressive thing about most of you is how far your HIV is progressing to full-blown AIDS. We live in an age when freedom of speech is no longer sacred. We are scarred internally for the things we say. We bleed for our truths. We sacrifice relationships and friendships for words. You cuckolds bleed for nothing, except a gaping hole and drugs. It is time to stop living in this fairy tale of “progressive” behavior. Things are changing. You are no longer simply looked down upon by my kind. We wait for the right moment. To take the chance to bleed your filth away from society.

I am tired of dancing on the edge of my tongue as to not offend in real life. These faggots should be dangled by their necks and hang for the degeneracy they have caused our society. Yes, (((((the tribe))))) is to blame for pushing the narrative, but we succumbed to it. We let these sneaky fucks socially engineer our youth into believing that it is for the best in them. We let them into our homes and our jobs and let them push their nonsense on us without question. This will not be our evolution as we are being further eradicated as a means to cause a true genocide.

I know that these words will probably ring hollow because who the fuck am I? I am a father. I am a veteran. I am a husband. I am White.
All of these core values are missing in my generation. For these individuals that I speak of, are the worst kind of human. They exist to only further their own agenda. Narcissism and moral filth has degraded us as a society and I will not cower to it. I will not fall for this bullshit. You want true revolution? Stand the fuck up and be counted. Stop being a scared bitch and stand up to these emasculated crybabies. I dare you.

Now get the hell off my lawn.

  • Gas the kikes, race war now.

  • Det. Snide

    the Cantwell Catechism is apposite :
    Repress and Oppress the Left. Remove by helicopter.

  • Our generation is moral filth, yet they are so confused that they believe they hold the moral high ground. I share the same values as you, and I believe this farce will soon come to an end. They are the evolutionary dead-ends. We are creating the next generation.

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