My Generation Sucks: Amerifat

The Washington Examiner released a story yesterday(10/13) displaying how obese we Americans are as a whole. America always has to be the greatest in everything, including obesity.
Add that to the list of the amazing list of bullshit this country has accomplished.

1. Most fatass kids in the world
2. Most murderous psycho fucks in the world
3. Teen population flunked health class
4. Students don’t want to be smart anymore

If these were my lifelong accomplishments, I would probably just end up killing myself. Being a fat psychotic dirty idiot doesn’t seem to appeal to me that much. But I guess with my millennial generation’s fucktard behavior when it comes to disciplining children, I guess in the end it could be our fault as “MUH CONSENTING ADULTS”.

The report notes that all nations have room to improve quality of life for its citizens, though it doesn’t openly criticize the United States.

Obviously, other countries refuse to openly criticize this lump of shit country. It is full of whiny babies that cry out for mommy to get someone fired for having an opinion that is different from theirs.

“YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH ENDS WHERE MY FEELINGS BEGIN!” — Every millennial crybaby, ever.

Those other countries better watch out or the whiny faggots will get Prezy Obummer the overlord to nuke you and put sanctions on your ashen corpses.

Speaking of Obongo, his wife’s plan to extract every little bit of sugar and salt out of school lunches doesn’t work. What most people fail to understand that it’s not just about how the food tastes(which is why sugar and salt are added to food you morons), it’s about how much a person intakes. If you pull all the salt out of a double bacon cheeseburger, you are still eating a double bacon cheeseburger. Given, it will taste like shit, but nonetheless, you still have a greasy pile of arterial clogging waiting to be devoured.

Let’s do a little comparison, shall we?
35% of 300 million Amerifats are rated as obese
4% of 127.3 million Japangos are sumo
Holy shit…

Even though Japan has less than half of the US population, that 4% is amazingly low. As a proud citizen of Burgerland, I think that this number is skewed due to the fact that the citizens of Ninjaville are on the “Atkins-Fukishima Diet”. I may be wrong, but something is still seriously wrong here in America.

We don’t recognize ourselves anymore. We have wrapped our society in a cocoon of political correctness and “Healthy at Every Size” bullshit. I honestly think it is time for an uprising. We need to confront this the way it should be done…by shaming people into waking the fuck up.


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