How to ruin technology: H1-Bindi

The Street-shitter is immunized against all native peoples: one may call him a poo-in-loo, currynigger, Asian-Mexican, Job Stealer, it all runs off him like water off a fresh street turd. But call him a codeshitter and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “Praise Vishnu, I must call Sandeep.”

It isn’t that hard to learn how to code. You can even learn in your spare time, pretty much while you are doing other things. For me, it comes pretty easy to pick up new concepts and to hold onto them. I can employ those new learned skills and create something from them that may be creative. Most of the things I do entail a bit of creative concepts…especially trying to find new ways to break into network infrastructure or physical buildings.

With Indians flooding the country with shitty coding, shitty curry and shit in general, it is hard to understand why companies employee so many fucking brown assholes overseas. Especially when we have a thriving group of men fresh out of college with CompSci degrees and they cannot find a decent job. I am going to jump to conclusions here so hold onto your seat bucko because I am going to unleash pure hell on KrishnaCucks.

Fuck the H-1B program and fuck the companies that use it. They are a cancer on this industry and deserve to have their S-Corp/LLC/Business licenses stripped from them. One of the biggest reason we have such high unemployment rates in this country is because we import savage shit-machines that have no imagination. Walking paychecks with no true desire. Plus, they insert unneeded “diversity” into the work environment. Have you ever looked at the industries that support H-1B?
IT, Computing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales, Recruiting, Engineering (all types), Teaching, HealthCare/Medical, Legal, Lawyers, Networking, Telecoms, Business, Management and Hospitality.

These things are valid for 6 years and allow them to import their spouse and their 80 kids to culturally enrich our country with shit we don’t really want. Bland code, food that makes you shit Dhalsim’s Yoga Fire and a bunch of smelly rugrats that run into traffic. Think about this for a moment…Our government considers waiting tables(hospitality) a warranted field to let someone into our country. I really don’t understand why anyone here would let these people be in charge of managing anything. Have you seen the country? I have, and I don’t want to go back…ever.

Now you might be saying, “b-b-but fam, their education is top-tier compared to America’s”. Education =/= Competency. If I take a 30 year old white developer who has been doing development since he was 18 and has a resume a mile long and stick him in a room with a 30 year old street shitter “programmer”. I can tell you exactly who would be able to give me a finished product first, and actually have it QA’d and completely stable with no bullshit. HINT: He isn’t brown.

Also, take into account that there are tons of Apu’s that straight out lie about their education or training. There are tons of examination scandals that go on in India where these people get fake degrees with fake qualifications, even if they are completely clueless about it. There are literally even fake airline pilots and doctors for fucks sake. Companies such as Microsoft, Apple, HP, Lufthansa, American Airlines, LDS controlled hospitals and tons of other conglomerates ship these people in on H-1Bs and let their regular people go.

These companies have had close ties to the Washington working group that deals with the H-1B program. People like Amy Klobuchar and Orrin Hatch have worked in concert to destroy the ability for local peoples to thrive and prosper. Instead, they undermine our economy and our way of life to bring “guestworkers” into the fold. In the end, the whole program is just a way to lower wages and discourage people from overcoming their betters. These traitors say things like “There isn’t enough talent here”. If that is so, then why exactly is the unemployment rate for the entire country hovering at around 5% or 16 Million? This doesn’t include the other 5% of people that have completely left the workforce since 2009.

There is only one solution to be honest here.
1. Revoke H-1B status from all current stays and ship them back. This includes post-H1B-to-Citizen status.
2. Punish Visa overstays by stripping them of their right to re-enter the country as a guest.
3. Any company found to collude with fake universities should be fined at minimum of $1 million + the yearly cost of the streetshitter and his family Cost of Living expense.
4. Force companies that have International offices to partition their EPAC region into a separate entity so that there are no overseas imports of conglomerate based products
5. Work with local schools to teach high-tech trades as a means of production to boost the workforce.

Number 5 would signal to the populace that has left the workforce that they are needed again. It is important to understand that we are on the precipice of a civilization change and we only have a short amount of time before we as a people are forced of the edge. I urge you to bring this matter to your friends and family. Talk to them about how damaging this program is to us. Make them understand. Don’t give an inch. These people are just as bad as muds, except that they have keyboards instead of AK’s.

Now fuck off and get out of my country.

This is narrated on the Open  Source-Closed Borders podcast. Please give it a listen.

  • SuperLion

    Butt hurt much? We are coming with our curry for you. We took your home country and now we will take this one too.

    Our civilization is much older than yours and a successful one. We have outlasted and absorbed many shitty one like yours. In the meantime keep squeezing jigs and reels on your pathetically primitive bagpipe.

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