This Week in Clownworld: Cville, Califagia and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Welcome to clownworld goyim!

For the first installment of this series I want to talk about the universe that we have stumbled upon where left = right and white pills are digested the same as black pills.

These are several of the top news items that happened this week that would only happen in this fucking weird timeline where Trump is president and the alt-right can terrify kikes just by walking around with tiki torches.

1. The Nigger Punishing Institute[NPI] revisits Charlottesville and makes (((Mike Signer))) shit his pants


I Guess Mike “I’m a Kike” Signer didn’t get the message the last time we did one of these things.
You can’t keep a good goy down. The spur-of-the-moment totally unplanned event in C-ville as well as D.C. went off without a hitch.
The filthy leftists didn’t know what was going on and by the time they figured it out, our guys were done and out of town. What a fantastic day!
Mike on the other hand seems to have pooped the bed. Signalling that he might look at trying to ban free speech and somehow think that he can keep
his position intact. Good luck, you stupid heeb. The oven is warming up as we speak.







2. Commiefagnia legalizes “gift-giving” to blood donors and underage sex partners.

It isn’t just clownworld in California fam, all the clowns have med-resistant AIDS and they want you to pay for their meds.
The faggot kike bugman on the left talking to Dindueesha made a law that reduces from a felony to a misdemeanor that knowingly infecting someone with AIDS/GRIDS/HIV without disclosing the infection. Mainly because people with a death sentence can still live long lives even though they are now dependent on drugs the rest of their lives and will have a compromised immune system.

Modern medicine allows those with HIV to live longer lives and nearly eliminates the possibility of transmission, according to state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), authors of the bill.

That’s right, they literally believe that they can prevent AIDS by people giving AIDS to other people. HONK FUCKING HONK.
I am doing you all a favor and not posting the picture of the faggot kike in leather next to another fag that is infected. If you are alt-right and live in CA, GET THE FUCK OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN.


3. Commiefornia can now jail you for mis-gendering people


The above faggot is up to his same tricks again with Gov. Jerry Brown. Now in nursing homes and extended care facilities, if you call it a he or a she and it didn’t like being called a he or a she, that is considered illegal.
View the Legislation here:

I really don’t wanna get off in the weeds here but California is fucking done for. Fuck silicon valley. Fuck anyone that lives there. They need to be nuked by Norks asap.

4. Some kike whore professor blames Trump for the white massacre in Vegas and gets to keep her job.


5. Niggers wanna ruin another white nation

Niggers have an uncanny ability to steal from everyone and everything around them. Either it be money from homeless people to jewelry from helpless women. Now they want to desegregate, but take a primarily WHITE nation to do it. I have four words from some great friends down under told me to tell you Blaxit niggers.


The cunt that wrote the article is a white-hating nigress that wants to move to a white country.

>Unlike Australia, however, New Zealand doesn’t herd refugees off to illegal detention centers

Refugees that try to end up in NZ usually die on the long journey, ones that make it still get deported – and they only take 750 legal refugees every year max.

>te reo Māori (the Maori language) is a “defining feature” in Aotearoa’s (the North Island’s) education system

No one refers to aotearoa as just the north island anymore and te reo is not a “defining feature”, it’s something most kids might be made to do for a few hours in elementary/middle school

>if you drink milk and not Kool-Aid, people think you’re weird,” wāni says

Wani is a fucking liar because they don’t have kool-aid in NZ

>University of Melbourne

Explains everything – an Australian university, and probably the biggest communist producing factory in the southern hemisphere to boot

>‘There goes another white guy with a Maori tattoo,’ and I hear where he’s coming from, too.

Everyone laughs at these gits and gets on with it, it’s not some big social issue, you don’t hear shit

>Just come with an open mind.” “And don’t get too hard about cultural appropriation,” wāni is quick to add, “because you’re gonna get hurt.”

He’s right about that at least, bring it up seriously in a conversation there and you’re most likely to get laughed at, if not worse. Fuck this article and these people. I will take a stab and say the reason she tells others to stay out of the South Island is due to the fact it is nearly entirely white.







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