White Altruism is White Genocide

Let’s face it, we white people are great at helping others. It is in our blood. We are gracious, tenacious and for the most part, selfless. The problem is, we are gracious, tenacious and selfless for the wrong reasons and for the wrong kinds of people. It’s time to be selfish pricks for once.
Since time immemorial, there has been a social need for Samaritan-based  labor by whites. Mainly because we do good quality work and we show a propensity for attention to detail that rivals most other civilizations. Our infrastructure, technology and societies have been built by virtuous whites. The cause of these advances were meant to make our lives easier. Irrigation, indoor plumbing, elevators…We strive to create to better ourselves and others around us. This is what I mean by ‘in our blood’. Until recently (the past 30 or so years), everyone that has built their lives around white civilization has been content with what has been wrought. Now it is only there to be a space to be destroyed or virtue to be snuffed out by primordial-brained savages.

The brown hordes that suffocate civilizations they invade do so as willing hosts for the parasite. They mean to do good, only to be shit on in the process. And if they walk away from it, they go one of two ways.
1. They keep doing it because somehow in their internal self-reflection, they found a flaw that would cause the good brown boy to strike them in anger.
2. They wake up and notice that there is no legal form for the nigger-tax they just paid.
It is time to stop helping these savages. They obviously don’t care if you just gave them a bag of rice and Dr. Seuss books. They will rape and murder you the moment you turn your back on them. It is time to wake up to the understanding that our virtues will get us killed, and more than likely will be our downfall as a people.

I am not saying to not help your fellow white man. In fact, I encourage it. Help your neighbor mow their lawn or water their garden. Help your friends with working on a car or bringing in the groceries. These things will create a more cohesive community and ensure high-trust environments stay that way. Unfortunately, liberals and the UN do not read most of our content. Instead, they have bought the Jewish tale of giving everything including the shirt off your back to help someone in need. This is suicide. This is racial suicide as well. How many black volunteers do you see in the UN going to African countries to help their native cousins? NONE. Because they know better. The following 2 UN members let their narcissistic mental altruism get the better of them.


Until our race figures out that brutal savages like these only want our material goods and then want us dead, we will continue committing people to the pile of bodies used for some sort of righteous cause. Reports and video show two UN investigators were captured, led into a field, and then shot execution style. Michael Sharp, a U.S. citizen, and Zaida Catalan, a Swedish citizen, had been commissioned by the U.N. Security Council to investigate a new rebellion in Kasaï-Central Province that had pocked the area with suspected mass graves.

Welcome to Sweden

Zaida Catalan was a prominent member of the Green Political Party in Sweden. Michael J. Sharp was a humanitarian missionary and collaborated as a program coordinator for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and the United Nations. The U.N investigators were supposedly volunteers looking into reports of human rights violations in the DRC. So much for that, you bleeding hearts. Now you two have ventilation holes in your brains and there is nothing left for you to help with…well, maybe a few meals for the cannibal hordes of the Congo.

This isn’t the first instance of this, and it will not be the last. When we whites commit to virtuous suicide and societal rape, we lose possible future leaders. We lose sources of children that count towards our future as a race. Stop helping people outside your race. Stop giving things to people that do not deserve them. Call me stingy, call me selfish…I really don’t care anymore. Fuck helping the 3rd world. I would rather help them burn.

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